out of action


Out of action for a minimum of 12 weeks , I have to attend the hospital each week for 12 weeks then they will see if I need another operation to get my finger moving as it hardly bends now



But onwards and upward , I have bees wax polish to make and bees wax lip balm etc .

My last bee inspection everything was going well , plenty of stores and good numbers of bees.

I saw my first hornets nest down by the river in a willow tree 🙂 didnt have my camera but will try and get back for photos .


3 thoughts on “out of action

  1. no pain while in the split , but out of the splint any side ways movement now the joint is unstable is sickly … but also now i cant bend my finger more than 30 degrees so may have to have another op :/ all just a stupid accident

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