The pain of gardening

I have been stripping the beds out of my garden which had been taken over by ground hugging geraniums which are great but they have smothered a lot of the other perennials. I will plant more nectar rich plants for next year… Including the Bergamot plants that I sowed earlier this year.


While removing some of my neighbours  invasive ivy I had an accident and spent 5 hours in A&E with doctors nurses and plastic surgeons, I have cut my finger length wise to the bone , breaking the bone and chopped some of my cartilage away … I have to go back in for surgery over the next day or two till then the wound has to stay open … I am always a health and safety  follower but even with gardening gloves accidents happen


5 thoughts on “The pain of gardening

  1. I pressed the “like” button guiltily as I could hardly “like” the news. That is some injury from removing ivy, I hope you are not intending to cut down any trees soon.
    I have exactly the same problem with my geraniums but I am going to persevere and try to be more severe in cutting them back. The bumble bees do love their flowers. I have tried with Monarda bergamot with no luck, well little seedlings that did not survive. What seeds did you use?
    I hope your hand heals up quickly. Amelia

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