Oxybelus uniglumis ( fly hunting wasp )


I was so excited to spot this wasp on one of my new plants in the garden (wild carrot)

If prizes were awarded to Hymenoptera, Oxybelus uniglumis would be a prime candidate for top honours. They are among the fastest hunters in the business (recorded catching 5 flies in 6 minutes).


A female can dig and complete more than one nest each day, this despite the time added on by taking the trouble to cover the entrance whenever the wasp goes hunting.

Clearly this exponent of life in the fast lane shows remarkable efficiency – even though the flies are paralysed with only one sting, there are still an awful lot of stings required for each nest.

Moreover, the prey, after being carried back to within a metre or so of the burrow by the female, uniquely is then deposited briefly and impaled on the sting before being carted into the nest forwards



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