Andrena wilkella (Wilke’s Meadow Mining-bee) *St Davids, Wales*


BWARS Page on this bee is here  not much information on this bee



2 thoughts on “Andrena wilkella (Wilke’s Meadow Mining-bee) *St Davids, Wales*

  1. Lovely pictures. I wish BWARS would have some more information and also what the main ID features could be, any other bees look-alikes and what size it is. I notice that many of the common bees lack this info. which is a shame. Amelia

    • Yes i find the lack of information a little disappointing, the problem with look a like bees take lasioglossum’s alot look identical but they are different types but to find out which you have to look under a microscope and even dissect , this was from the chairman of BWARS .. So I may actually have many more types of bees in my garden its just i cant distinguish between them 🙂

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