Another swarm captured


The swarm that failed in there first attempt at swarming , managed to take flight today. It flew out of my garden and into the same tree I have caught my last three swarms on. This one was a little higher.


After removing some of the branches, I managed to shake the swam into a travel box, Luckily the queen went in and the rest followed.



The travel box was taken back to the garden and installed into a Nucleus hive , but the size of  the swarm means it will only be in there a small amount of time.


2 thoughts on “Another swarm captured

  1. That’s a big swarm. As the tree is a favourite swarming place for the bees maybe you should try and cut it shorter in the autumn, just in case! Amelia

    • They didn’t come form that tree it was from an old hollow appletree in the next garden , but for the bees to have been there for so many years they must be quite resistant to varroa , I wish I had the room for it

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