Notostira elongata



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Notostira elongata
Family: Miridae

Notostira species are elongate grass bugs with a longitudinal furrow between the eyes. The genus is sexually dimorphic; males are black on the upperside, with the margins yellowish-green, while females are much paler and appear similar to Stenodema laevigata. However, the pronotum is smooth and unpunctured and there are dense dark hairs on the 1st antennal segment and hind tibiae.

N. elongata is common in grasslands throughout southern Britain; it is replaced by the extremely similar N. erratica in Ireland.

This species has two generations a year, the first maturing in early summer and the second from August onwards. The females of the autumn generation are larger and much pinker than the summer generation, although the males are very similar. The autumn generation mate and females overwinter, egg development resuming the following spring.

Adult: All year
Length 7.5-8.5 mm