Mini Mining Bees – (Micrandrena Group) Mating

The vast majority of bees are solitary, living out their lives as single bees, provisioning single nest cells.


2 thoughts on “Mini Mining Bees – (Micrandrena Group) Mating

  1. Great photographs. There seems an even greater difference in size with these bees. the female has pollen so has already started to nest. Some of the solitary bees must mate all the time as I’ve seen the Anthophora and Anthidium mating repeatedly and apparently randomly. Any idea what these bees are? Amelia

  2. I tried to have them ID’d by BWARS “I would suggest this is probably a Micrandrena of some sort. I am surprised to see a female with a full pollen load in cop.
    Chairman BWARS”
    So even he was surprised to see she had full pollen load 🙂 But I was standing in my garden with my camera and I saw them drop out of the sky onto the apple tree next to me , how lucky was that 🙂

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