Queen bees mating flight


I was lucky enough to see this rare event of one of my virgin queen bees  returning back to the hive from a mating flight (hopefully not a virgin now) she only ever leaves the hive on her mating flight or when she leaves with a swarm so may be only two or three outings fomr the hive in her lifetime.

6 thoughts on “Queen bees mating flight

      • I have started watching a program about Bees on BBC 4 and it’s really interesting. For instance I didn’t know temperament was a product of breeding. And that unfortunately bad tempered bees tend to produce the most honey.

      • yes thats correct my “Angry bees” produce the most honey but I don’t see them as a problem (although I’ve been stung a few times by them) and they have calmed down a little since i caught them as a swarm

      • ☺that’s interesting. They often do a one day bee keeping course at my local nature reserve so I think I might do it this year.

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