Frogs a plenty in my pond


The pond that I put in my garden last summer now has four spawn filled female frogs and one male residing in it , so it looks like my garden will have many tiny frogs this summer .

All three of my bee hives are still with us , although there is still time for something to happen . Of course I hope nothing happens but nature will be nature and if we have a cold spell or a prolonged wet spring things could go wrong.


2 thoughts on “Frogs a plenty in my pond

  1. Over here my Willow, Apricots and Plum tree have all started flowering. It’s O.K. for the honey bees as they are dashing out when it is fine, as are the queen bumble bees but what about the solitary bees? Will the cupboard be bare before they wake up?

  2. There is hardly anything flowering here (just snow drops) and while some bumble bees have been out all winter a lot have died , solitary bees will be ok as I think temperature will slow them down and they wont hatch out till its warm enough , there is more chance of honey bees starving especially where bee keepers have taken most the honey off.

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