February 2014



The insects etc are beginning to stir , today in the garden there was a large Tree Bumblebee , a couple of Bufftailed Bumblebees  a Sheild Bug and this large queen wasp (information on all these can be found within this blog.

RIP Hive No 2



Sadly my colony which had a  late supercedure in October didn’t make it through the winter , it was to small in number. Both other hives are out in force today so I will split one of these colonies and rehome them in hive number two.

Frogs a plenty in my pond


The pond that I put in my garden last summer now has four spawn filled female frogs and one male residing in it , so it looks like my garden will have many tiny frogs this summer .

All three of my bee hives are still with us , although there is still time for something to happen . Of course I hope nothing happens but nature will be nature and if we have a cold spell or a prolonged wet spring things could go wrong.