Toadflax Brocade moth caterpillar (Calophasia lunula)


I found this caterpillar on one of the “weeds” that I love growing in my garden Purple  Toadflax (pictured below) which is also a hit with the bees.



As a resident species, this moth is restricted to the south-east and central southern coasts of England, where it frequents mainly shingle beaches. It is a relatively recent colonist, arriving around 1950 and quickly gaining a foothold, but appears to be now in decline again.

It has two generations, sometimes overlapping, from May to August, and migrants sometimes appear away from the main stronghold in July and August.

The larvae, which feed on toadflax (Linaria spp., are very colourful, but well camouflaged amongst the foodplant… to see the Adult moth Please click UK moths