Do you see what’s in your garden ?

Like most people I used to bumble around the garden seeing things but never really paying attention. Being a keen beekeeper and a life long nature lover , I thought I would do a Bioblitz like they did on Springwatch and photograph then try and ID the bees I saw and was blown away at how many types frequent my garden. With photos you can study them for a while rather than trying to look while the bees is about its business. While looking for bees I noticed wasps and never knew there were so many types  from there it went to other insects I saw. The more you see the more you notice and your eyes sort of get accustomed to what to look for.

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I now have 5 id books ,a blog  installed a pond and taken 1000’s of photos  (most of which are blurred). I now have far more insight into insects and what’s in my garden.