Median Wasp (Dolichovespula media) male

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Using this excellent wasp ID page I am sure this wasp is a Median Wasp.

Median Wasp Dolichovespula media
A large wasp. Some workers can show an almost entirely black abdominal colouration leaving just thin yellow bands along each Tergum, making them very distinctive.
Facial features Ocular sinus largely yellow. Clypeus yellow with thin black line or elongated central spot. Side of head largely yellow immediately behind the eye.
Thoracic features Thorax shiny in comparison to other species. Pronutum with thin yellow borders from behind head and extending towards wings and downwards vertically behind head. Metatonum with two elongated yellow/orange spots that nearly touch. Episternum black with no yellow spots. Propedeum black with no yellow spots or blotches.

Please see the ID page highlighted to see what all the body part names relate too.