Narcissus fly (Merodon equestris)(garden)


A common medium-sized hoverfly, often found in gardens, the Narcissus Fly (also known as the ‘Greater Bulb Fly’) is a bumblebee mimic. Adults feed on nectar and pollen and can be seen around flowers like dandelions from March to August. Males can be spotted flying low over short grass in search of females. While females can be seen on the dying leaves of bulbous plants, such as Daffodils, Narcissi and Bluebells, where they lay their eggs. The larvae hatch and burrow into the bulb underground, feeding on it and even destroying it.


Covered in ginger hairs, with a black band around the middle and creamy tail, the Narcissus Fly is one of several species of bumblebee-mimic hoverflies. Common around Daffodils and Bluebells.