Sharpe tailed bee (Male)


(Sharp-tailed) (male) Coelioxys  on Geranium .

Cavity nesting bee

Coelioxys are cleptoparasitic on Megachile and Anthophora sp.


4 thoughts on “Sharpe tailed bee (Male)

    • Thanks John as I have only really just started this blog im trying to get through the back log of photos and putting basic web info on each I will then go back when I have more time editing the info etc but I am happy for anything to be pointed out like wrong IDs etc although anything im not sure of I put on iSpot … just have sooo many photos to put on 🙂

      • No worries. I’m still trying to get over how good your photos are. I know how hard it can be to take photos of bees and wasps. Your garden looks amazing as well, it is no wonder you have so many species in it. I hope mine will be as good when (or if) I get my own place. I’m currently renting and I don’t want to spend a lot of money on someone else’s garden. I’ve just subscribed to your blog and I look forward to seeing what else is added.

      • I spent 2 years living and working in Antarcica so photography became a hobby there and I suppose I learnt more about it etc. there will be a brake for 2 weeks as I go away to the Outer Hebrides, and you may get lots of emails in a day as i catch up with pics but it will slow down eventually or i dont know if you can alter the settings so you get one or two

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